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Connecting Sustainability and Innovation

October 5 – 6, 2022

9:00 AM - 2:30 PM



On behalf of ECVM, the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers, we have the great pleasure to invite you to attend the PVC4Cables and PVC4Pipes Conferences to be held, respectively, on 5 and 6 October 2022 in Bologna, Italy.

Addressing the common theme Connecting Sustainability and Innovation, both conferences are open to all actors of the PVC cable and PVC pipe industries. They aim to present and discuss trends and opportunities in both sectors, with a particular focus on sustainability and innovation.

Day 1: 5 October 2022 - PVC4Cables Conference

Programme headlines

  • PVC cables market update
  • Standards and potential improvements of the CPR
  • Acidity of fumes: new tests and new formulations
  • Cable formulations with new additives and how to improve cables’ sustainability
  • Collaboration among associations, companies and universities as a strategic path for innovation
  • Cable recycling and related cost/benefit analysis.

PVC4Cables is the ECVM's platform dedicated to the PVC cables value chain, acting as a driver for environmentally responsible innovations in the PVC cables sector. It brings together the producers of PVC resins, stabilisers and plasticisers, and PVC compounders.

Day 2: 6 October 2022 - PVC4Pipes Conference

Programme headlines

  • Regulatory challenges and opportunities for PVC and additives
  • Addressing sustainability challenges with PVC pipe networks
  • Lifecycle competitiveness of PVC pipes
  • Readiness of PVC pipes for the hydrogen economy
  • European standardisation developments impacting PVC pipes
  • Sustainable innovations along the PVC pipes value chain

PVC4Pipes is the ECVM's platform dedicated to the PVC pipes value chain, promoting the acceptance and utilisation of PVC in piping systems. Our partners come from all parts of the PVC value chain and beyond (PVC resin producers, pipe manufacturers, additive suppliers, downstream equipment manufacturers, associations, communications bodies and institutes).

Participation to the conferences is free of charge. Registration is mandatory.

The organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any registrations. 

The conference language is English. 

Contact Noelle Tracey for any additional information.


Start: October 5, 2022
9:00 AM
End: October 6, 2022
2:30 PM

Royal Hotel Carlton, Via Montebello, Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy

Via Montebello 8
40121 Bologna Emilia-Romagna


Paolo Arcelli

Plastic Consult
  • Paolo Arcelli

    Paolo Arcelli is Director at Plastic Consult, a privately owned independent company since 1979.  Director since 2020, he was previously Head of the Business Insight Division, where he was in charge of  tailor-made consulting and research Projects mainly for the plastics, chemicals and petrochemicals industries.   For the last few years, he's been Advisor for M&A operation in the plastic sector.Previously, (2011 - 2012) he provided consultancy service to the Italian Ministry of Economic Development on Green Chemistry.  Since 2009, he is one of the Senior Consultants of the Cerved Group, the main Italian business intelligence provider.


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Camillo Cardelli

Senior Technologist
  • Camillo Cardelli

    Since 2017 Camillo Cardelli is Promoter and co-founder of MOPI Technology Company for Circular Economy, R&D and consultancy company in Pisa (ITALY) for materials recycling and bitumen applications.
    In 2011, he was promoter and co-founder of IPOOL Technology Company for Materials Design, spin-off of Institute of Chemical and Physical Processes of Pisa (ITALY).

    Camillo Cardelli graduated in Industrial Chemistry from Pisa University (Italy) in 1997, with thesis on Catalytic polymerization of olefins.
    He then got a degree from Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa in 1997, with studies in Properties and characterization of polyolefins (PE, PP, PE copolymers and EPR/EPDM rubber).
    In 2000, he completed a PhD post doc from Pisa University with thesis on Polymeric blends and composites.



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Carlo Ciotti

Carlo Ciotti
  • Carlo Ciotti

    Carlo Ciotti, engineer, is the President of the PVC Forum Italia. He lived all his working experience in the PVC value chain working for leading chemical industries, manufacturers of PVC resin.
    Carlo began his career as a Project and Process Manager and became Head of Research and Development and later Site Manager in EDC / VCM / PVC production plants. Prior to becoming President of PVC Forum Italia he continued his experience in the PVC industry as a SHE (Safety Health Environment) and Environmental Affairs Manager.
    He also worked in the field of PVC processing and in particular in compounding. Carlo represents the Italian PVC Forum in the European PVC Network.

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Stéphane Content

Senior Technical Advocacy Manager
Stéphane Content
  • Stéphane Content

    Stéphane has joined the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) in December 2021, where he is in charge of the Environmental Footprint Committee.
    Previously, Stéphane worked in Cefic (2011-2021) and supported the Silicones sector group and the Plasticisers sector group. He was also a manager of Product Stewardship working on communication in the value chain.
    He also worked for 11 years at Procter & Gamble (2000-2011) in analytical, product design and process development department for liquid detergent development.
    Stéphane graduated in Chemistry and got his PhD in the field of photochemistry in 1998 from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He also did a post doctoral stay at UCSD in the field of sensors (1998-2000).

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Roland Dewitt

Roland Dewitt
  • Roland Dewitt

    Roland Dewitt got his PhD in chemistry in 1984 at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He started his career with Solvay as a researcher in polyethylene catalysis, then as technical support for PE pipes. He has been in charge of the organisation of standardisation monitoring for the plastics sector of Solvay, being himself involved in a series of CEN, ISO and IEC standardisation committees, including the chair of CEN TC 249 on Plastics.
    He is now a consultant and is involved with PVC4Cables and PVC4Pipes regarding standardisation of PVC cable and pipe products.

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Luca Ermini

Technical Director
Luca Ermini
  • Luca Ermini

    After graduating in Chemistry at the University of Pisa and attending a three-year post doc. course (Scuola Normale Superiore - Pisa), he began to work with LAPI SpA as technical manager. Participating in the main CEN and ISO working groups on reaction to fire and fire effluent toxicity, he followed the entire development and revision of standards for the building and transportation field, as UNI expert and delegate and as convenor of the UNI Working Group on fire effluent toxicity.

    He continues to work at LAPI SpA, where he hold the position of Technical Director of the Laboratory and of the Certification Body (Notification Number 0987)

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Jose Angel Galera Linares

Area Manager
Molecor Tecnología S.L.
Jose Angel Galera Linares
  • Jose Angel Galera Linares

    Working in Molecor Tecnologia for 8 years, Galera Linares has around 20 years of experience as product manager and project engineer in the construction sector.
    He graduated in Industrial Engineering and Trade Management.

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René Hermkens

Senior Project Manager
Kiwa Technology
René Hermkens
  • René Hermkens

    Born in the Netherlands in 1960, René Hermkens started to work in the gas business in 1986 at VEG Gas Institute now KIWA Technology. After different occupations varying from the research of the corrosion of high efficiency boiler and flue systems, to research of plastics materials used in the gas distribution, René is now a Senior Project Manager of various projects in the field of gas distribution technology. With his extensive experience Mr. Hermkens is the manager of projects concerning optimization of safety, maintenance, quality of used materials and inspection techniques.
    He completed studies in technical physics.

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Zdenek Hruska

Project Manager
Zdenek Hruska
  • Zdenek Hruska

    Zdenek Hruska holds an engineering diploma in Plastics Technology from the Prague Institute of Chemical technology and a PhD in Polymer Chemistry from IMC in Prague.

    Since joining Solvay in 1991 he held various management positions in Belgium, Germany, and France. In 2013 he moved in Brussels, first at Solvin and later at Inovyn as an Advocacy Manager.

    In January 2016 Zdenek joined the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) as a Public Affairs Senior Manager.

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Joaquin Lahoz Castillo

Plastic Pipes Specialist
Joaquin Lahoz Castillo
  • Joaquin Lahoz Castillo

    Joaquín Lahoz is bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at Zaragoza University. Currently Product Manager SBU ‘Plastics’ at CEIS, he has more 30-year experience in plastic pipe and fitting industry. His experience includes quality control, research and development, pipe and fitting production, polymer purchase, marketing and customer relationships, standardization and certification procedures and failure analysis.

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Peter Mapleston

Journalist and editor
Peter Mapleston
  • Peter Mapleston

    Peter Mapleston has been writing about the plastics industry for almost 40 years, covering technology developments in materials and equipment, as well as global business.
    After graduating in Polymer Science and Technology from the University of Manchester (UMIST) in 1976, he spent several years in communications in the UK plastics industry. He worked as a journalist with Plastics & Rubber Weekly and later Modern Plastics International between 1987 and 2004, before embarking on a freelance career in writing, research, and conference organisation. 
    He writes features for several industry magazines and provides communications advice to companies in the sector. He has worked in Germany and Switzerland and has lived in Italy for over 30 years.

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Alessandro Marangoni

  • Alessandro Marangoni

    Economist, specialised in strategy and corporate finance in the energy and environment industries, both at an academic and professional level.
    Graduated with honours at Bocconi University, researcher at Bocconi University itself, first at Stock Exchange Institute and then at Space Bocconi, since its establishment in 1990, in joint venture with Boston North easten University. 

    He’s scientific director of Irex Monitor, the major think tank in Italy about renewable energy and smart energy and of WAS – Waste Strategy, research centre of waste management and recycling industry. Moreover, he supervises Top Utility, observatory for the excellence in public utility industry.

    Thanks to a wide strategic management experience, Marangoni was one of the first in Italy to deal with cost-benefit analysis, environmental policies, circular economy and sustainability, becoming one of the major Italian experts in business and financial issues on environment.

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Laura Mazzocchetti

Associate Professor
University of Bologna
  • Laura Mazzocchetti

    Laura Mazzocchetti is Associate Professor at the University of Bologna, Department of Industrial Chemistry “Toso Montanari”, were she works in the Polymer Science Group focusing on structure-properties correlation in polymer-based systems. 
    Her research focusses on advanced composites production and (nano)modification, as well as on the end-of-life valorization of complex and hard-to-recycle materials (thermosets, composites, tyres) via thermal processes. She also teaches in International Master degrees, as well as in the Master program in Composite at Faenza (MaCoF). 
    She Authored more that 80 papers in peer reviewed journals and 5 patents.

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Silvio Messa

Research Director
L.S. Fire
  • Silvio Messa

    Silvio Messa is a Graduate and Master in Economic and Financial Securtiy Science.  He is currently the Research Director of the Fire Reserach and Certification Institute, L.S. Fire. 

    He is a member of the Committee for the Preparation of Fire Regulations of the Ministry of the Interior.  Member  of ISO TC 92 SC 1, a Member of the UNI Commission and WG Reaction to fire.  A Member of Committee E05 ASTM - Reaction to fire, CEN TC 206: Fire Behaviour of Uphostered Furniture, TC 256 and WG Railways for the European Harmonised Standard for Rolling Stock, UNIFER Working Group Fire Behaviour, JWG CEN 256/CENELEC for safety of railway rolling stock, UNI CT 050, UNI CT 011, GNB SH 02, CEI CT 20, GNB SG 22    

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Ettore Nanni

Reagens Group
  • Ettore Nanni

    Ettore Nanni holds a PhD in Industrial Chemistry, obtained in 1983 from the University of Bologna, Italy. He is CEO and the main shareholder of the Reagens group, a world-wide producer of additives for PVC and other thermoplastics. Since 2007, Ettore is Chairman of ESPA, the European Stabiliser Producers Association, and is also member of the VinylPlus Steering Board, where he actively contributes to its successful achievements. Since 2014, Ettore is also leading its Additives Committee. When he’s not travelling following Reagens business, or participating in VinylPlus and ESPA activities, he returns to his home in Bologna, to his wife and three children. Ettore spends as much of his spare time as possible hill walking in the mountains.

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Marco Piana

  • Marco Piana

    Marco Piana graduated in Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino , and attained a Master's degree from the Energetics Department of the Politecnico di Torino in energy saving and acoustic sectors.
    Marco has collaborated with the application laboratories of CSI (Montedison Group). Later, he became design responsible for the direction of a manufacturer of food processing plants. Now he is the coordinator of PVC Forum Italia - Centro di Informazione sul PVC. He is a member of the UNI , UNIPLAST , CTI Commissions and CEN , as well as of national committees for thermal insulation , acoustic, fire behavior of materials for civil and industrial purposes .
    He is an expert at the Ministry of Transport for isothermal vehicles and systems of foodstuffs transport and at the Ministry of the Interior in the fire behavioral material and fire prevention design.
    He takes part in courses and conferences in Italy and Europe; moreover, he writes specialized technical articles and issues for didactic and formative purpose. He is a designer for innovative components for civil and industrial buildings

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Daniele Redaelli

Italian Regional Representative
Daniele Redaelli
  • Daniele Redaelli

    Daniele Redaelli graduated in mathematics from Università Statale di Milano and is the founder and CEO of DAE srl.

    Since 2006 he has been Recovinyl Regional Representative in Italy and since 2021 in South East Europe coordinating and certifying more than 30 recyclers.

    Daniele worked as a consultant for different sorting facilities in the packaging sector developing new management strategies in collaboration with private equity funds.

    In 2021 started a collaboration with CORIPET as a logistic consultant. Skilled in developing mathematics models to describe waste flows, Daniele has a wide experience in the optimization of collection, sorting and recycling processes.

    In the last two years he founded a new company, GENIUS REI, supporting the fashion industry to the green transaction.

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Gianluca Sarti

R&D Manager
  • Gianluca Sarti

    Gianluca Sarti received a degree in chemistry at the University of Bologna and is co-author of several papers and conference papers. He has 25 years of experience in additives for plastics, particularly stabilizers, flame retardants, smoke suppressants, and acid scavengers for PVC. He started in the plastic industry in 1997 as laboratory manager at Titanstuc S.p.A. In 1999 - 2001, he became the Quality Management System and the Environmental Management System Manager and, in 2005 Research & Development Manager. 2000 - 2015 were mainly dedicated to replacing lead stabilizers with calcium zinc stabilizers. 
    In 2006 he started research in flame retardants and smoke suppressants primarily focused on substituting antimony trioxide. In 2013 part of the research was dedicated to studying smoke acidity and to novel acid scavengers to reduce smoke acidity during PVC combustion. 
    He is currently the Research & Development Manager in Reagens S.p.A. His employment history is as follows: Titanstuc S.p.A., Faetano, San Marino, 1997 –2020; Reagens S.p.A, 2020 – to present.

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Marco Secchiari

Technical Manager
Sica SpA
Marco Secchiari
  • Marco Secchiari

    Marco Secchiari has more than 10 years experience in the plastic pipes processing industry, and is currently Technical Manager for Sica SpA. He graduated in mechanical engineering at the University of Ferrara, Italy.

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Luca Serena

Decision Intelligence Solutions Technical Leader Italy
Luca Serena
  • Luca Serena

    Luca Serena is technical leader for the development of data analysis software and decision-making support software for water supply and wastewater management systems. He has worked as product manager and technical sales engineer for water distribution; he holds a degree in civil engineering.

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Vincent Stone

Project Leader
  • Vincent Stone

    Vincent Stone graduated in Plastics Engineering at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, where he also earned a PhD. He later earned a part-time MBA degree from the Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management. He joined UCB Group (later Cytec Industries) in 1998, where he led several resin and additive development projects for coatings, inks and adhesives applications. He joined in 2010 ArcelorMittal, where he developed and managed a portfolio of pipe coating technology development and testing services for a range of clients along the oil and gas value chain. He then joined in 2015 the Ferro’s Polymer Additives business (later Synegis) where he led the customer and manufacturing support activities, as well as the global product stewardship activities for the benzoate and polyadipate plasticizers portfolios. Since May 2018, he has joined the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM). ECVM delivers a broad range of technical, sustainability, advocacy and communication services to the leading European PVC resin manufacturers. As Technical and Environmental Affairs Senior Manager, he is mainly in charge to develop the activities of the PVC4Pipes platform. He is also actively involved in the Additives and Sustainable Product Label activities of VinylPlus®, the association managing the voluntary sustainability commitment of the PVC value chain.

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